2024 bathroom colour trends

View of a bathroom with soothing colors

Your bathroom is an intimate space that should feel calm and inviting –unless you prefer to make a bold statement with unusual colours. 2024 Bathroom colour trends play around natural tones, and a rich and sophisticated design.

Find out more about trendy paint colours for your bathroom.

No matter the type of trend you prefer, pairing different colours and textures makes all the difference. You can ask ROCHON – kitchen and bathrooms- for advice, a bathroom designer in the province of Quebec, in Montreal, Gatineau and Quebec City.

Different shades of green for a peaceful and calm bathroom

A more simple and more “natural” way of living is one of the top current trends, which has a significant impact on home design as well, and green is back as one of the 2024 bathroom colour trends. To evoke the peaceful feeling of nature, you can opt for olive, sage, mint or water green. Duck green, which is darker, also creates a soothing and elegant effect.

View of a trendy, soothing bathroom with plants

Different shades of blue for a soothing bathroom

The ultimate colour when it comes to calm and inner peace, blue is a timeless choice for a bathroom colour, also strongly associated with water. From deeper and richer blues to light and soft blue hues, you cannot possibly go wrong.

Among other things, you can take your inspiration from the Sherwin Williams colour of the year, Upward SW 6239, which is a light and soothing shade of blue that pairs perfectly well with white and natural wood tones.

A little bit darker but just as peaceful, the Blue Nova CC-860 colour of the year by Benjamin Moore reminds us of the depth and richness of sea beds. This elegant colour might spark in you the desire to travel and will definitely catch your eye when incorporated into your bathroom design.

Light pink and pastel colours for a bit of sweetness

Among the trendy colours for 2024 bathrooms, take a chance and opt for a colour that evokes sweetness and innocence. Peach, light pink or purple with pink undertones, are all delicate colours that are sure to cater to your need for tranquility and comfort. Pastel colours are incredibly inviting and soothing, and pair perfectly well with trendy metallic materials like copper and brass.

Light and neutral colours for a refined touch

Minimalism is a true philosophy, which certainly has its rightful place in a bathroom. Light and neutral tones are perfect for this spirit of refinement, where an uncluttered space will leave you feeling at ease and rested, in body, mind and spirit. Moreover, there is little risk of neutral tones becoming outdated after a few years. When it comes to colour choices, this is definitely a safe bet. 

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Earthy tones of Slate, Mantra and Calcutta Silk for your bathroom

Earth Tones

While water is a colour that brings up feelings of calm and peace, earth tones evoke a feeling of stability and balance. Renew your contact with nature in a warm environment with colours that will remind you of sand, earth and clay.

The neutral Satin colour recommended by Sico will brighten up your space while also offering good versatility. Browns, beiges and terracotta create a rich and welcoming atmosphere. You can explore different possibilities by creating you bathroom plan online.

A bathroom with wooden accents for more warmth

Wood is a timeless choice that brings warmth to any room. It also helps balance colder shades and pairs well with any other colour. Create a peaceful relationship with nature with this noble and versatile material.

Black, another timeless choice

For a bolder look, black brings a modern and sophisticated touch and can be used to create more striking contrasts. You can try Behr’s colour of the year, cracked pepper, for a bathroom with a very distinct look. Black will allow you to let your creativity shine, as it pairs well with several different colours and textures.

Bathroom with sink and wooden cabinet

Mixing colours

By pairing different colours together, possibilities become endless. You can create a beautiful seascape with blue and green, rely on modern contrasts with black and white, or play around with several different neutral hues for a peaceful atmosphere.

Classic combinations like blue and white will always be in fashion, but you can also pair blue with earth tones for a design that mimics a natural landscape.

For a successful bathroom design, take a look at our guide on renovating your bathroom.

Wallpaper with funky or bright colours, or with patterns

If you want to add a little more spark to your bathroom design, you can try wallpapers. You can opt for patterns that remind you of the jungle or a tropical forest, for example, or more original patterns too, and really let your personality shine!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colour to pair with grey in a bathroom?

If you want to spruce up your home decor with a 2023 colour trend for your bathroom, add a touch of pink to your grey room. Grey and white also pair very well, but you can also make the space feel warmer with earth tones like taupe or terracotta.

What colour to paint a bathroom that has beige tiles?

Beige is a colour that pairs well with other neutral colours. You can also opt for white to create a nice contrast or even some darker shades of blue as well.

What colour should you paint a small bathroom with no window?

If you do not have a window, white is a great paint colour for your bathroom. It will brighten up the room by reflecting light. You can also add colourful touches here and there, with other light colours.

What colour should you paint a small bathroom?

It is a known fact that light colours will make a room appear larger. You can turn to white or other light colours like beige, blue or light pinks. If you prefer darker colours, you can use them in the lower portion of the room.

How many colours can you use in a bathroom?

Combining three colours will allow you to balance the different hues and make the room attractive without overloading it. Contact us to find out more about design possibilities or to being your project.