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How much does it cost to renovate your bathroom in Quebec, in 2023? developper 8 May, 2024

How much does it cost to renovate your bathroom in Quebec, in 2023?

How much a bathroom remodel cost in Quebec? What is the average cost for a bathroom renovation? A lot of people wonder what the average prices are to improve their home design and bathroom design.

Thankfully, ROCHON –your best ally for a bathroom renovation anywhere in the great region of Quebec, tells you all you need to know before beginning your remodelling project.

Establishing the Right Budget

Costs related to a bathroom renovation can vary greatly according to your plans, and all of the changes you wish to make. It is very important that you establish a clear and precise budget before you decide to remodel your bathroom.

It can be difficult to calculate an accurate budget without any idea of the costs of every aspect of the renovation. That’s why our experts are here to design the plans for you. They’ll help you plan the changes you’ll need to make, and give you an idea of how much you’ll need to budget.

You can then determine if that plan fits your budget or make the necessary changes to your objectives so that they can be better adapted to your financial situation.

Bathroom Remodel: Average Price in 2023

If you want to be sure to establish an appropriate budget, it is important to understand the average cost for a bathroom renovation.

To help you visualize average costs, here is a summary table that was made by experts at RénoAssistance:






$ 1,800

$ 3,000

$ 3,600

$ 3,600

Toilet & Installation

$ 600

$ 1,200

$ 1,200

$ 2,400

Bath & Installation


$ 2,000

$ 3,000

$ 3,000

Floor Renovation

$ 1,800

$ 3,000

$ 4,200

$ 4,200


$ 1,800

$ 2,400

$ 2,400

$ 2,400


$ 2,400

$ 4,800

$ 5,400

$ 6,000

Shower & Installation

$ 4,800 pre-fabricated

$ 6,000

$ 6,000

$ 7,200

Vanity and sink & Installation

$ 1,200

$ 1,550

$ 1,800

$ 3,000

Unforseen Expenses

$ 1,200

$ 2,000

$ 3,000

$ 3,600


$ 15,500 +

$ 26,500 +

$ 31,000 +

$ 36,000 +

*This summary table is just a representation of the average costs and is meant to be used for information purposes only. Several factors can have an influence over the total cost of your bathroom remodelling, both before the quote and during the renovation itself.

Take note that our trusted partner, Gereco Construction, can take care of all related renovations such as plumbing, electricity, painting, demolition and much more.

High-end bathroom renovation project by Rochon.

How can you finance your bathroom renovations in Quebec?

In Quebec, you have access to several different solutions to help you finance the difference between your budget and the actual remodelling costs for your bathroom.

Firstly, you might want to check with your municipality. Several municipalities like Montreal and Quebec offer incentives for projects that serve to improve the energy efficiency in your home. You could be eligible to some of these grants.

The provincial government also has similar programs as well. These will obviously not cover every single aspect of your bathroom remodel, but some parts of your project may be admissible.

If you are thinking of improving the heating system in your bathroom, for example, you might be able to profit from these municipal and/or provincial incentives.

Financial institutions will be your main ally when the time comes to finance your remodelling. You can choose to use your personal line of credit or home equity line of credit in order to cover some of the costs. It is also possible to opt for a loan with most financial institutions, for renovation related costs.

Finally, a remodel is often an excellent reason to dive into your personal savings, given that maintaining and improving your home are considered to be worthwhile investments that will add to the overall value of your home when the time comes to sell it.

A reinvented process - Rochon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to remodel your bathroom without braking the bank?

Renovations can be completed at a low cost by choosing affordable materials and dealing with companies that offer services at competitive prices.

Moreover, you can keep all of the elements of your current bathroom that are still in good condition and not outdated, like by repainting the cabinets yourself, the walls and even the tiles, helping you complete a successful renovation project on a very small budget.

How to estimate the renovation costs?

The summary table you have seen above in the “Bathroom Remodel: Average Price in 2023” section can help you find a reasonable price for your project.

Nevertheless, asking a few companies for quotes is one of the only ways to have a reliable final estimate for the total costs of your renovations.

Moreover, our online bathroom design tool can also help you establish a plan and estimate the costs related to your bathroom remodel.

Who should you contact for a bathroom remodel?

For a bathroom remodelling project, it is important to deal with trusted professionals. For any bathroom or kitchen renovation project, you can trust in ROCHON.

You can also call a general contractor for all of your renovation needs. He will be responsible for the coordination of the renovation with your ROCHON designer and all other essential specialists (plumber, electrician, plasterer, etc.).

If you are a handy or manual person, you can also do some of the renovations yourself, which will help you save money on the total remodelling costs. For example, you might want to do the demolition of your current bathroom and paint the walls of your new bathroom yourself.

We do, however, strongly recommend that you trust in experts for the more complex parts of the project. You do not want to end up with any electrical problems or water damages once you are finished, forcing you to start everything over.

What kind of incentives can you have access to for a remodel?

The Government of Quebec offers several financial assistance programs for renovations that could apply to your bathroom remodelling project. These government incentives focus mostly on your home’s energy efficiency. These measures also exist in your municipality.

You should always take the time to check if you are eligible to these government incentives or municipality incentives before you begin your renovations.

How to make an outdated bathroom modern?

Depending on your taste, there are several ways to make an outdated bathroom more modern. New cabinets, a new toilet, a new bath or new tiles are all excellent ways to make your current bathroom more modern and appealing. For those of you DIYers out there, painting the walls and changing the tiles can do wonders for an old bathroom.

For a successful renovation project, trust in our team of passionate experts: ROCHON — kitchens and bathrooms, is your best ally in your remodelling projects in Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau and Saguenay. Contact us today and take advantage of expert advice!

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