2024 Kitchen backsplash trends

View of trendy kitchen with backsplash and island

When renovating a kitchen, several elements must be taken into consideration if you want to ensure that you’ll end up with a successful, coherent final design. First and foremost, a backsplash is meant to be practical; but it can blend seamlessly into your décor or add a touch of personality.

ROCHON – Kitchen and Bathrooms, presents the 2024 kitchen backsplash, so that you can better plan your kitchen renovations. 

Counter-Continuity (quartz or marble)

Quartz and marble have a timeless charm and are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. Durable and resistant, these materials are easy to clean, which makes them an ideal choice both for the counter and the backsplash. Moreover, opting for the same material for the counter and the backsplash will create a sophisticated look.

For a modern, contemporary or country chic look, both of these materials will provide your room with a refined appearance. These noble stones are also heat resistant and easy to maintain. Moreover, by choosing the same surface as for your countertop, your backsplash will naturally and seamlessly blend into the room and highlight the quality of the materials selected. 

For a timeless and elegant kitchen, this trend will certainly inspire you. Quality cabinet doors will be the perfect complement to these high-end materials. With our partner, Dörr Industries, kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Quebec, you will have the choice between a wide variety of finishes.

Tiles in a Matt Finish

To design a unique kitchen without necessarily playing with colours and patterns, you can think of texture. Although a glossy finish might seem like the obvious choice, for 2024, trends are taking us to a less traditional place, like with tiles in a matt finish for example.

On top of creating a unique look for your backsplash, a matt finish can help create a soothing and elegant atmosphere, almost recreating the appearance of felt. These types of tiles also don’t reflect light in the same way, which can be disturbing to the eye if your lighting is very bright or intense.

You will end up with a smooth and sleek surface that is quite versatile. You can opt for tiles in different colours, either classic or original, or even that imitate natural surfaces like stone. A matt satin finish is one of the trendiest options of the year.

View of kitchen with ceramic backsplash

Embossed Ceramic

You can definitely make a backsplash stand out with different colours and patterns; but have you given any thought to embossed tiles? You can opt for a more traditional or classic look like metro tiles with an embossed contour, but also for more original designs.

A retro style with geometrical shapes has slowly been gaining in popularity over the last few years, but even more so since 2023. You can find 3D embossed patterns in various different geometric shapes and sizes, which pair well with various different powder colours.

Are you in the mood for something original, but looking for ways to harmonize this type of backsplash so that it blends into your kitchen décor? Get a free quote from one of our designers, and receive customized advice.

View of kitchen with backsplash and island

Geometric Tiles

Embossed or not, geometric tiles are always in. From a classic square and rectangular shape to shapes like a hexagonal or octagonal backsplash, these types of tiles will provide your kitchen with a modern touch.

For those who are looking to create a very unique kitchen design or to add some spark to a more neutral décor, playing with shapes is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your design. A bold choice can create an interesting focal point in the backsplash: shapes have a way of attracting the eye by creating a contrast with the surrounding surfaces in solid colours.

These types of backsplashes bring a modern touch and can pair well with different types of countertops, including quartz and wood. Discreet tiles with a bolder design can help you express your creativity, while creating a more contemporary or modern look.

XXL Tiles

Contrary to trends like embossed designs and geometric tiles, large sized tiles will be perfect for those who prefer a very minimalist design, given that XXL tiles will have less joint or grout lines, thus creating wider, uninterrupted spaces.

By reducing the amount of grout lines, you are creating a visual illusion of a larger space. These types of tiles were often more common in commercial spaces; they are now increasingly popular in homes, given how elegant and modern they are. Moreover, the surfaces they create are much easier to clean, which is a significant advantage in a kitchen, a room where spills are quite inevitable.

Marble and quartz imitations on XXL tiles will contribute to creating a very elegant kitchen design. You can also choose to match the backsplash and floor, for a seamless look, by opting for a large tile design on both.

For a complete kitchen renovation, you can trust in our partner, Gereco Construction, general contractor in Quebec.

Rectangular Ceramic Tiles

A horizontal rectangular tile design will always remain a classic, among kitchen backsplash trends. With different colours and perhaps a brick layout, it will pair well with any type of design. Brick imitation will also bring a touch of warmth to any room.

Among the current trends, however, we are stepping away from the traditional horizontal layout, with a vertical or herringbone pattern. By laying the tiles vertically, an illusion of height is being create, on top of adding a more modern or contemporary touch to the room.

Moreover, the Zellige tile design is everywhere; these Moroccan inspired tiles come in a variety of colour nuances within the same colour palette. This is a style that can provide your kitchen with an artisanal charm, on top of creating a soothing effect. It is an excellent choice if you like to bring the feeling of travels and other cultures into your home, even more so by opting for colours inspired by natural stones.

Finally, rectangular tiles can be laid in a herringbone pattern for a more dynamic design. This will create an illusion of movement, which can be quite interesting in a kitchen, as it will become a focal point as well. 

View of a traditional backsplash

In Keeping with Tradition

For those who prefer opting for a classic look, white metro tiles will never go out of style. These timeless white tiles also have the advantage of being quite versatile.

Combined with white countertops, they can make a room appear bigger and brighter. In a black and white design, they create a stunning contrast. They also pair perfectly to a country chic style and wood cabinet doors. You can also reinvent metro tiles by laying them vertically or in a basket weave pattern.

A country chic look is always popular in a kitchen, adding a touch of charm, but you can also opt for a more traditional look or layout. Whatever you choose, it will pair perfectly well with wood countertops!

Concrete Backsplash

For a few years now, the industrial style has been very popular in homes. Esthetically, you will have the possibility of customizing the style to your taste; lighter, darker, or with a subtle pattern. This raw and modern material also stands out for how durable and solid it is.

One thing is for sure: a concrete backsplash will definitely catch the eye given that it is a bolder choice, but will do so without taking anything away from the rest of your kitchen décor. Raw concrete, or tiles or panels that imitate it, will bring this trendy industrial style to your kitchen backsplash.

You can design your kitchen online with ROCHON. Our company in Quebec City, Montreal and Gatineau, will help you create a design you will love. Build the kitchen of your dreams thanks to our designers, who are always on the lookout for the latest trends.