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Rochon Places You at the Centre of the Process

At Rochon, you can expect to be an important part of our 5-step design process. You will be the essential element of your project! We will collaborate together to deliver exactly what you expect, and you benefit from our team’s ingenuity and expertise.

Discover Our Process
Rochon Cuisines et salles de bains Showroom, Lévis Store



To design a kitchen that is faithful to your expectations, we need to listen to you, and especially understand you. This is the most important step, where our team takes the time to clearly identify each one of your needs, limitations and requests.



We will come to your home to take the necessary measurements needed to design your new kitchen. We think it is important to get know the room we are designing, to build a kitchen that is completely adapted to your living space.



Our designers will explore different options to find the layout that maximizes the efficiency and potential of your space. That is when we put our creativity to work to benefit your project.


Team Work

Your designer will show you different drafts to present the various options available to you. The goal is to involve you in the design process to deliver a personalized kitchen that truly meets your needs.



At this meeting, we will present you the final personalized kitchen design, in addition to signing the agreement to make your project a reality.
Rochon Cuisines et salles de bains Showroom, Québec City

The Installation

The Rochon experience is much more than a 5-step process. It is dynamic people who are passionate about their work, who make you a product that lives up to your expectations. We have assembled our own team of technicians and manual workers for our manufacturing workshop, and installers who turn the designs we sell into results worthy of the Rochon signature. Every day, our senior installers go beyond their standard mandate. Not only do they know how to put everything in place so that your project takes shape, they do it with a sincere desire to satisfy you.

Installator Installator

Discover Our Expertise

Our showroom is our pride. Constantly being renewed, you will find many rooms with different styles to inspire you and show you all our creativity.

Rochon Cuisines et salles de bains Showroom, Lévis