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Inspiration Air etienne 14 February, 2024

air, free in your element

inspired by the elements

Inspiration derived from the AIR element creates an airy and soothing atmosphere. Delicate shades, a minimalist design and fluid elements blend together harmoniously for a light and breezy atmosphere.

 Various shades of white take center stage, inspired by a gentle and soothing element.

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A design inspired by the AIR element will include:


Curved lines, integrates every detail with finesse


Materials like rift cut white oak and a rounded design for the clothing storage area.

The AIR element inspires

the use of noble materials like rift cut white oak and a rounded design for the clothing storage area.

Mirror Area

The floating mirrors with rounded shapes create a light and organic atmosphere, incorporating a fluid design.

Every detail,

conceived with lightness in mind, captures the airy essence of the space.

The haircare product area

is skillfully designed with arches, and further enhanced with the use of natural materials such as white oak, for an overall visually airy look.

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Inspiration derived from the WATER element is obvious in the purity of the materials used, creating a restful atmosphere. Light-colored cabinets, translucent glass, and natural stone worktops capture the essence of a space that promotes inner reflection.


Inspiration drawn from the FIRE element is reflected through a captivating environment, where warm hues create an inviting atmosphere. A design that includes contemporary lines enhanced by metallic accents, black trims, and ambient lighting contributes to creating a dynamic atmosphere reminiscent of fire’s lively nature.


Inspiration drawn from the EARTH element is characterized by a subtle blend of natural materials, earthy colors, and enveloping textures, creating environments that are in perfect harmony with nature. Wood, stone, and warm earth-tones draw inspiration from this element to create an organic living space that promotes tranquility.