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ROCHON places you at the heart of the creative process

you will be actively involved in our five-step creative process, participating in your project’s design so that your dreams can become a reality. Our collaborative approach ensures a rewarding experience, combining your vision with the ingenuity and expertise of our team.

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Discover Our 6-Step Creation Process


To design a project that is in perfect alignment with your expectations, it is essential that your needs are heard and, more importantly, understood. During this crucial stage of the project, our team invests the necessary time to ensure that your needs, constraints, and requests are fully understood.


We will visit your home in person to take all essential measurements for the design of your new space. We believe that fully understanding your environment is essential to designing a space that is completely tailored to your needs.


Our designers will then explore all of the different possibilities in order to find the perfect layout, maximizing the efficiency and potential of your room. This is where we allow our creativity to flow, turning your project into a work of art, leaving room for innovative ideas, for a truly unique design.


Our team will then present different possibilities so that you can get a better idea of the options that are available to you. The goal is to have you actively involved in the design process, in order to create a custom space that fully meets your needs.


We will then finalize the layout plan, which will be customized according to your preferences. We will also finalize the contract, so that we can bring your project to life.

The Final Step: Installation

The complete ROCHON experience reaches far beyond a simple five-step process; it consists of a dedicated and passionate team working towards creating an end-product that will meet your expectations.

Our in-house team is comprised of talented technicians and craftsmen for the production workshop, who work alongside dedicated installers. The final result is a project worthy of the ROCHON seal of approval. For every project, our experienced installers go beyond what is expected of them, with the sincere hope that your expectations will be met, and even exceeded.

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