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Commercial etienne 15 February, 2024

Commercial Layout and Design in Quebec City

Since 1974, ROCHON’s expertise transforms your spaces. Reinventing the client/employee experience within your commercial premises with our experienced designers.

Qualified, no matter the challenge

Whatever the challenge, our expertise has successfully transcended residential limits for decades. We have completed numerous large-scale projects, including restaurants, hotels, boutiques, condos, offices, and many more. With a department dedicated to commercial layouts, a factory working in close collaboration with designers, technicians, and an experienced installation team, you can rely on ROCHON’s expertise for your ambitious projects. Give us a location and we’ll create an attractive, functional, and durable commercial design.

Have a commercial project in mind? Ingenuity and efficiency are cardinal with ROCHON. Curious to discover how far we push boundaries? Explore our commercial designers’ creations in Quebec City.

Spaces that redefine standards and experiences

Our commercial designers in Quebec City create spaces that resonate with your brand's spirit. Our commercial layouts go beyond mere arrangement of furniture and decor. They create an engaging atmosphere, communicate your identity, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Stand out from your competitors with a commercial design that creates memorable experiences.

Design and concept

Our commercial designers in Quebec City bring unique concepts to life. We combine expertise and technical knowledge with artistic sensitivity to marry aesthetics and functionality. Whether you aim to create a festive, warm, or relaxing atmosphere, we consider every detail based on your identity.

Commercial layout

We create places that are representative, attractive, and pleasant for customers. Whether it’s creating meeting places, zones of intimacy, or concentration, you can entrust our designers with the conception of spaces where everyone feels comfortable navigating and which facilitate smooth interactions between your professionals and your clients. A successful commercial layout contributes to sales and customer loyalty.

Custom furniture

From welcoming counters to captivating displays and functional storage spaces, we design each piece of furniture to meet the unique needs of your business. Our furniture integrates perfectly into your environment, adding sophistication with high-quality materials.

Turnkey service

Opt for peace of mind: our commercial interior designers team up with our partner, Gereco Construction, general contractor, to lead your project with expertise from the idea to construction. We involve renowned experts to ensure impeccable execution.

A space that reflects your brand

From the judicious choice of materials to the layout of furniture, through colors, lighting, and decorative elements, we infuse your space with your personality leaving a strong impression. We determine the tones, brightness, and materials that suit you. Together, we build unique universes.

An intuitive and thoughtful commercial layout

Our team adopts a holistic approach. Your commercial layout must above all serve your company and contribute to the client experience. From strategic furniture arrangement to logical customer flow and the choice of materials suited to the requirements of your activity, we optimize the available space for maximum functionality and positive interactions.

Functional and durable
Premium quality materials

ROCHON is above all about an approach focused on quality and durability. This value is particularly conveyed in the careful choice of materials. Each element is selected not only based on its aesthetic appeal but also its properties and durability. We are proud to partner with Quebec’s number one cabinet door manufacturer, Dörr Industries, to design your custom furniture.

Why choose a ROCHON commercial designer?
Over 50 years of expertise

Our kitchen designers have diversified and specialized over the years to develop expertise in commercial design. Our history of success is a testament to our deep commitment to excellence.

Customized and tailored solutions

With us, there's no standard—only unique projects. From the functional office to the eclectic bar, and the cozy cafes, we put our versatility at your service. Our projects consider every space user, your activities, and your vision.

Highly qualified designers and professionals

Thanks to our expertise, know-how, and creativity, we have evolved with market trends to offer solutions that exceed expectations. Our experts can tackle the most complex challenges to deliver impressive results.

Continuous support

Our after-sales service is one of our strengths. Whether you have questions or specific needs, our team is at your disposal to support you at every stage.

The ROCHON designers' approach
Budget and deadline controlled

Delivering the project within the set timeframe is a valuable asset in creating a new commercial design. With ROCHON, don’t waste time or money. Our meticulous planning of the schedule and expenses, proactive management, and clear communication free your mind.

Commercial layouts

Our previous achievements have met the requirements and challenges of our clients. Draw inspiration from unique and memorable environments.

Do you have a commercial renovation project?
Your vision, our expertise. We transform your ideas into inspired and inspiring commercial design.
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