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Custom furniture etienne 15 February, 2024

Custom Furniture in Quebec

Redefining your space with creativity and expertise. Since 1974, ROCHON creates custom furniture that brings tranquility to your life.

Optimize your space as you desire

Whether you opt for a walk-in closet, a TV unit, a wine cellar, or any other custom furniture, our goal is to create tailored and well-thought-out concepts. Every detail is carefully considered and optimized, leaving no room for improvisation. We understand the importance of space in every renovation and construction project, which is why we strive to maximize your space to create an optimal environment. Our specialists, attentive to your needs and visiting your home to understand your space deeply, guarantee the best for your interior.

Choose ROCHON and discover an experience focused on personalized quality service, your best option for your custom furniture projects in Quebec.

custom furniture
Our services

Our custom furniture design services

Design and creativity

Our custom furniture pieces are truly functional works of art. Taking into account your needs and inspirations, we create furniture that enhances your living space. Each piece is designed to reflect your aspirations and integrate seamlessly into your décor with a keen sense of design and details.

Turnkey service

Our team of designers collaborates with our general contractor, Gereco Construction, to manage every aspect of your project with expertise. Our work is orchestrated to guarantee your absolute peace of mind. Trust our multidisciplinary experts for perfect harmony from creation to execution.

Enduring elegance

Durability and quality at the heart of materials

In collaboration with our trusted partner, Quebec’s number one cabinet door manufacturer, Dörr Industries, each piece of furniture is created with care. We meticulously select every material, finish, and accessory to create custom furniture that adds lasting value to your living space and withstands daily wear and tear.


ROCHON custom furniture: the difference

Our legacy: over 50 years of excellence

Choosing ROCHON means opting for the expertise of a team committed to excellence for over half a century. We carry decades with a constant concern to represent values of excellence. We are both rooted in our heritage and deeply embedded in the present, at the cutting edge of current trends.

Solutions that match your vision

We pour our passion and creativity into each project to turn your ideas into reality. Whether you have a clear or inspired vision, our custom furniture in Quebec is designed to meet your needs and satisfy your desires. We start from a blank page to define your own standards.

Ongoing support

Our commitment doesn't end after the installation. We go beyond the project delivery to offer you long-term satisfaction. Our team is available to answer all your questions and resolve any issues that may arise. You can count on our dedicated after-sales service. ROCHON supports you at every step of the process, and long thereafter.


Custom furniture design in 5 steps

Precise planning

With ROCHON, rest assured that your budget is carefully managed. We provide you with detailed calculations from the start while respecting the agreed budget. Then, we follow a strict timetable to guarantee delivery within the set deadlines. A concerted effort, without surprises.

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