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Kitchen designer in Quebec etienne 15 February, 2024

Kitchen designer in Quebec

ROCHON has over 50 years of expertise in bringing your vision to life. Our kitchen designers help you turn your imagination into reality.

The best kitchen idea is yours!

Our kitchen designers in Quebec strive to transform the most crucial space in your home by pushing its limits. The secret lies in listening and collaborating. By using the services of ROCHON, you play an important role in our creative process. Our kitchen designers listen carefully, harmonizing functionality with your criteria and budget, while injecting a unique personality thanks to their creativity. Our mission is to deliver the dream place where you love to live with your loved ones.

Have a kitchen renovation or new construction project in mind? Choose ROCHON – Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Our services as

kitchen designer

Design and concept

Imagined by you, created by us. We merge your needs and inspirations to design a kitchen that is a joy to live in. From the most daring designs to minimalist kitchens to country-style décors, trends hold no secrets for our kitchen designers in Quebec. Entrust us with your influences and watch them come to life.

Our services as
kitchen designer

Custom furniture

Our custom furniture contributes to the creation of a kitchen that reflects your image. We harmonize the furniture design with the spirit of the room for a seamless and sophisticated integration. Moreover, our custom furniture is designed to maximize space, simplify your daily tasks, and make organization more intuitive. Our kitchen designer presents smart solutions to achieve a higher level of functionality.

Turnkey services

Your only task is to dream. We handle the rest. From concept to installation, our team offers comprehensive service. We maintain privileged relationships with high-quality professionals like our loyal partner Gereco Construction, a general contractor. Entrust your project to the best experts in Quebec. Nothing less.

A functional kitchen regardless of its size

We don’t let the size of a kitchen define its potential. Our kitchen designers in Quebec are creative experts who know how to make the most of even the most contiguous spaces. Our creative solutions enable us to optimize the use of space to offer uncompromised functionality.

Don’t let your current layout prevent you from dreaming. Our designers innovate to transform your space, no matter its size and current configuration. Discover our tips for renovating your kitchen.


Quality and durability meet here

When it comes to redoing your kitchen, each material is of great importance. Ease of maintenance, finish, as well as the quality and durability, are key criteria.

We make no compromises: we form a privileged collaboration with Dörr Industries, a manufacturer of durable and resistant kitchen cabinet doors. In a frequently used room, obtain a stunning aesthetic result that stands the test of time.


Why choose a ROCHON kitchen designer?

Over 50 years of proven expertise

Our rich family history has led us to develop an unparalleled expertise. Over the years, ROCHON has established itself as a leader in modern design while remaining faithful to its fundamental values of quality and integrity. Choose a team with the strength of over 50 years of experience.

Tailored solutions that reflect you

A customized approach to solution reacts to every requirement, preference, and constraint. We do not create a kitchen; we create your kitchen. We leverage a solid foundation of knowledge and unmatched expertise to propose a personalized project – a living space that is uniquely yours.

Unmatched expertise

Every member of our team possesses high-level skills and knowledge; the kitchen is a central room. Entrust it to renowned experts.

Continual support

Our commitment to developing trust in our relationships extends beyond our partnerships into our customer support. That's why we offer ongoing after-sales service to address any of your questions and resolve any potential issues.

The ROCHON kitchen

designers' method

Efficient time and budget management

From the beginning of the process, we develop a detailed action plan to ensure efficient progress. We present you with a transparent evaluation of your kitchen renovation and ensure the initial budget is respected. This way, we offer you complete peace of mind throughout the project.
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