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Rochon reinvents itself, and your space.

We have created an interactive tool to design your project in 4 easy steps.



Upload photos of your kitchen or bathroom and tell us the dimensions. Don’t worry, we only need the essentials: walls, ceilings, windows and appliances.



From plumbing and appliances to our wide range of inspirations in different styles, tell us what you like.



We review everything for the best result!



Once the tool is completed, an amount of $125 will be required so our designers can go ahead and draw your plans and send them to you.
New !

A reinvented process

Rochon wants to make its customers’ lives easier. To do this, we now offer a new experience: visualize your new kitchen or bathroom, in the comfort of your own home.

This tool has many advantages. It gives us all the information our designers need to develop detailed plans of what will soon be your favorite room. This process ensures you get your plans faster, in addition helping you save on the total cost of designing your project.

Un processus réinventé - Rochon

Master of your project

To design a room that meets your expectations, there are a few details we need to know. That is why our questionnaire covers every aspect of your project: your profile, your current kitchen or bathroom, the style you want, the elements of your future room, the layout and your inspirations. By letting you dream and decide every detail, we know that we can deliver a project that will make you proud and satisfy you every day.

Maître de votre projet - Rochon Cuisines

There are so many advantages
to the online questionnaire.


A Profitable

$ 000

For your kitchen plans, instead of $ 400. For a limited time.

$ 000

For your bathroom plans, instead of $ 200. For a limited time.

A small amount of money for custom plans, created according to your tastes and drafted by experienced designers.

In addition, this amount is refunded if you decide to use our services to construct your kitchen or bathroom.

Une solution profitable - Rochon Cuisines


00 %

discount on the total cost of your project before taxes by starting your Rochon experience with our questionnaire.

Rochon Cuisines et salles de bains 3D rendering

For example,
you save $2,000 on
a $20,000 kitchen.

0 000 $

A Simplified

0 h

in the comfort of your home.
When it suits you.
No travelling or taking
time off from the office.

Un procédé simplifié - Rochon

Fast Design Delivery

0 Business Days

to receive your custom plans, compared to 4 weeks in-store.

Un délai écourté - Rochon
Cercle coché

Next Step

As soon as our designers finish your plans,
you will receive them by email. We will then
schedule a meeting to estimate the costs
and arrange the rest of your project.


As If That Wasn’t Enough

You also get our best price guarantee at all times
for the design of your project, and assurance of satisfaction.

Ready to start?