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Turnkey Services etienne 16 February, 2024
Treat yourself to the Gereco Turnkey Experience

Experience the full turnkey experience with Gereco, where a general contractor oversees every specialized trade from beginning to end.

Close collaboration with the designer is offered throughout the project, ensuring seamless, high-quality results that are consistent with the following services:

Demolition, Expansion, Plumbing, Electrical Work, Painting, Floor Coverings, Ceramic Tile Installation, Roofing

Plan Design

Optimize your project with our personalized architectural plan design services, including construction, interior design, electrical systems and selection of finishes.

Assistance with material selection

Benefit from expert support for the selection of construction materials, guaranteeing quality, durability and aesthetics for your project.

Construction project management

Ensure the success of your project with our comprehensive site notebook, an essential tool for efficient and organized construction project management.

Detailed Timeline for the Construction Project

Guarantee compliance with your project deadlines with our work planning service, offering a precise schedule adapted to your needs.

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