Color trends for your kitchen cabinets (2023)

Changing your cabinet color is a simple and efficient way to renew your kitchen. Whether you choose to only change the cabinets or decide to undertake more serious renovations, we bring you the newest color trends for kitchen cabinets!

Cuisines Rochon, your kitchen designer everywhere in Quebec, tells you all about the latest trends and gives you a few ideas to help you complete your kitchen design.

Wood imitation kitchen cabinets

Wood is part of the preferred materials for kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive and must sometimes be treated, especially in a room like the kitchen.

To renovate your kitchen while also being mindful of your budget, wood imitation is a smart choice. Melamine or polyester are two examples of affordable materials that imitate wood perfectly. You will enjoy cabinet doors that imitate different wood colors, tones and textures, according to your taste.

Take note that you can also choose to have the wood grain set vertically or horizontally.

wood kitchen cabinets designed by Rochon
Project designed by Rochon

Warm white, beige or earth tone kitchen cabinets

Wood is also part of this trend given the natural, warm and soft tones it naturally comes in. Instead of a bright white, you should opt for a warm white, greige or any other earth tone.

These are all trendy colors for kitchen cabinets given their soothing nature. These cabinets pair perfectly with a design that also focuses on natural materials like wood, stone, linen and cotton accessories.

They would also be perfectly suited to a Scandinavian style design, very streamlined and practical, with integrated handles or handle-less doors. In short, these cabinet colors offer great versatility!

luxury beige and white kitchen with large island signed Rochon
Project designed by Rochon

Invite nature into your home, with green kitchen cabinets

Still in accordance with this natural color trend, green has been increasingly popular in kitchens too. A new trendy color for kitchen cabinets for 2023!

While society seems to be longing for a deeper connection to nature, green is becoming a very popular choice. Go for a nice sage green, forest green or olive green color for your cabinets, or for a more discreet look, a grey with green undertones.

You should also take note that mixing textures and colors can also look stunning with white or wood-grain melamine.

Get inspired by looking at:


Black cabinets are still as popular

Still trendy, black cabinets have the advantage of being very versatile! Whether you opt for a more modern decor with bright whites, wood accents, a marble or stainless steel countertop, black goes with everything.

Moreover, this color adds a sophisticated and dramatic touch that will not go unnoticed. To improve your kitchen design instantly, a matte black or black with wood grain finish will have a powerful effect; you are likely to be showered with compliments by your guests!

Take note that glossy colors are not as trendy for 2023.

trendy black kitchen cabinet by Cuisines Rochon
Project designed by Rochon

Blue is also just as present

Blue is also part of the natural color trend, reminding us of the sky and the sea. It is a color known to inspire calm and relaxation that you might truly enjoy in your kitchen.

Several blue tones are trendy, including navy, which can be combined to a more classic style. Navy blue offers several options!

For a more discreet look, kitchen cabinets in brighter colors can easily be applied to the kitchen island or only part of the cabinets (ex. only the lower cabinets).

trendy navy blue kitchen cabinets by Cuisines Rochon
Project designed by Rochon

Make a statement with coral cabinets

Would you like your kitchen to be even more unique? Coral with pink undertones is a trendy color for kitchen cabinets in 2023! While blue is soothing, coral is a color that will boost your energy.

Moreover, the dynamic and vibrant aspect of coral will lighten up your space. Combined with black and white, it will look urban and chic, or even a touch retro.

Depending on your lighting, coral with pink undertones can also give your decor a romantic touch…

In any case, it is a color that is sure to brighten your kitchen and give it a unique style that will not go unnoticed!

Minimalist room including walls in coral color tinged with pink. Benjamin Moore – Rasberry blush[/caption]

Back to traditions with an Art Deco style

Even though Art Deco is already a century old, it keeps popping back up in current trends. For 2023, this chic and vintage style is back!

Art Deco is also easily combined to darker tones and lighter tones alike (like powder pink) and also glossy finishes, to give your kitchen a touch of elegance.

You could opt for dark cabinets or even lean towards some geometric shapes.

For a successful design, you should pay attention to handles and other decorative elements: they should shine!

Metallic colors like brass or stones like quartz will add to this chic style.

Mix and match your kitchen cabinet colors

Do you like several different trends and want to design a truly unique kitchen? Do white kitchens seem boring to you and devoid of personality?

Then you should create a sumptuous combination of different colors and textures.

For example, you may want to try:

  • Monochrome doors and wood grain doors
  • A two tone or bicolor kitchen
  • Bright colors and wood
  • White cabinets and a colorful island or one made of wood

All in all, the kitchen cabinet trends of the year will allow you to express yourself fully. No matter if you are looking for a warmer, bolder or more elegant design, these cabinet colors will give you the style you are looking for.

Does your kitchen need to be renewed? Come and visit us at Cuisines Rochon in Quebec or contact us from Montreal or Gatineau!