Dekton vs quartz vs granite countertops: the differences

When remodelling your kitchen, it can be challenging to choose between a Dekton vs quartz vs granite countertop. All three are excellent material options that you might really love.

ROCHON, your kitchen designer in Quebec, tells you more about these options in order to help you choose between a Dekton, granite or quartz countertop.

Different manufacturing processes

Each of these materials is made with a completely different manufacturing process.

  • Dekton is the intellectual property of the Spanish multinational company Consentino. It is made by transforming natural stone and exposing it to higher temperatures and pressure.
  • Granite must be exploited in a quarry, transported and then cut to fit the shape of the granite countertop. Among the three different manufacturing processes, this is the most difficult and less environmentally friendly.
  • Quartz is also taken from the soil, but it is reduced to a fine dust before being agglomerated with resin and made to withstand intense temperatures and pressure.
A reinvented process - Rochon

The three different materials and their appearance

Granite is a stone with a very versatile style. There are several natural colors and patterns to granite, which will allow you to choose between several different options while enjoying a natural look as well.

Given that it is a natural stone and not an engineered stone, it is more difficult to control the tile design. The final result can be different from the sample that was shown to you by your designer. This is why we always recommend that our clients go pick out their own tile directly with the supplier.

Thanks to the pigments that are added to quartz during the manufacturing process, it is possible to match it to almost any color. This means that it is even more adaptable than granite.

The manufacturing process is the same for Dekton, which means that it too can be matched to different motifs and colors. There even is a Dekton style that imitates the look of both other materials. A Dekton countertop is suitable to any type of décor.

Quartz, Dekton or Granite Countertops, and Durability

When it comes to durability, all three materials are very durable and, when well maintained, last a very long time.

They all have different resistance levels to heat, humidity and stains.

Resistance to Heat

Dekton or granite countertops are very resistant to heat. Quartz can be damaged by intense heat. For example, you should not place a hot pan directly onto a quartz countertop.

Resitance to Humidity

Humidity in and of itself is not a problem for any of the three materials.

However, given that granite is porous, it can allow for the infiltration of liquids which can cause stains that are impossible to remove. It is thus very important not to leave any liquids that are not clear (i.e. meaning liquids of color, especially dark) on a granite countertop surface, especially if the stone countertop is naturally light in color.

Resistance to stains

Other than liquids that can infiltrate the granite, all three materials are very resistant to stains, especially when they are cleaned properly.

A renovated Rochon kitchen.

Alex Harvey project signed ROCHON

Easy Maintenance

Granite must be cleaned regularly with a mild soap in order to maintain a glossy finish and all of its natural beauty. Moreover, for an even longer lifespan, it should be resealed once a year.

Quartz and Dekton must also be cleaned with a mild soap regularly, but other than that, they do not require any other type of special maintenance.

No matter what material you choose for your countertops, it is important to avoid using anything abrasive, given how it could damage the surface. If you are trying to get rid of stubborn stains, we recommend that you take a look at the manufacturer’s maintenance guide.


Quartz and granite can generally be repaired with transparent adhesives or epoxy to fill in cracks or fissures, or regluing the pieces. This means that they are materials with a very long lifespan, especially if you are handy.

As for Dekton countertops, a crack of fissure can also be covered, although the manufacturer mentions that fissures will continue to expand. This means that Dekton cannot be easily repaired; this is a con that is countered by its remarkable durability.

Cascading quartz countertop in a Rochon kitchen.

Cascading quartz countertop

Dekton vs Granite vs Quartz Countertops and their Costs

The price for quartz or granite countertops can vary greatly, according to the quality of the manufacturing. However, both are generally available in a similar price range, and granite is generally a little bit less expensive.  

If you must choose between Dekton and quartz, then you should know that Dekton is often a bit more expensive than quartz and granite.

Which is the best choice?

Granite or Dekton or quartz? Each option has its pros and cons. Granite, Dekton and quartz are all excellent options for your kitchen countertops. Dekton is also an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens.

Dekton can be a better choice if you are looking for something extremely durable or if you are looking for a very specific style.

You might also prefer quartz or granite if you are looking for less expensive options that still offer several advantages.

Your countertop should be made from a durable material that you love and that is also adapted to your budget. This means that there is more than one correct answer to this question.

To help you make a selection, we have compiled a summary table that shows the pros (+) and cons (-) for each material:

Features Granite Quartz Dekton
Price + +
Durability + + +
Resistance to Heat + +
Resistance to Humidity + +
Resistance to Stains + +
Can it be repaired? + +
Design options + +

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