Renovating your bathroom: our tips and tricks for success

Remodelling your bathroom, is sometimes a necessity; but more often, it is a project you have been dreaming of for a long time. In any case, making your dream come true requires thorough planning!

To begin your remodeling project on the right foot, take a look at our tips, tricks and advice, with Rochon – kitchen and bathrooms. Our experts offer bathroom renovations in Quebec, no matter if you live in Quebec City, Montreal or Gatineau!

high-end bathroom renovation by Rochon
Project by Rochon

Planning for your project

Planning truly is the key to success! Even if you have been dreaming of this new bathroom for what may feel like forever, the lack of proper planning can turn your dream into a nightmare.

Here are just a few elements you should keep in mind, in order to ensure that everything works out for the best.

Your needs and lifestyle

Identifying your needs is the very first step in the planning process, way before you begin your bathroom renovations. What do you dislike about the room as it is now? Is the lack of storage space a problem? Does it need to be adapted to the daily needs of a person with mobility issues?

Before you even think of style, you must first think of your needs –current or future- and all other practical aspects. You should also, obviously, include the things you like and want to maintain as they are. 

Needs can include significant added storage space if you have a large family, for example. If the bathroom must be used by many people at once, having more than one sink and mirror is a definite must. 

Your Budget

We could never mention planning without talking about your budget! Before renovating your bathroom, you must first identify the amount you are willing to invest and take into account the cost of materials and labour.

You must also consider unforeseen costs: sometimes homeowners realize mid-project that they have to ask a licensed professional for help, like an electrician for example.

Starting from your initial budget, you should add a buffer of around 15 %.

You also need to calculate the value of your investment; sometimes spending money can provide you with several advantages in the long run.

A financing plan is a great way of dividing your payments and can also be determined in advance.

The actual renovations and the necessary equipment

How extensive will the renovations be? Remodelling a bathroom can mean simply replacing a bath or a vanity, or it can mean redoing everything entirely. It is important that you plan for all that you want to accomplish.

In some cases, an extension to your existing bathroom can also be a possibility that should be evaluated.

While you are planning, you must think everything through:

  • Plumbing and electricity
  • Paint and floor covering
  • Toilet, shower, bath, etc.
  • Cabinets and countertops
  • Decorations and lighting

Do you need a contractor for some of the work? Our partner Gereco Construction can take care of the electricity, plumbing, painting, floor installation and much more!

Modern and trendy bathroom by Rochon
Project by Rochon

Think of the bathroom layout

When remodelling a bathroom, a single room can offer a wide selection of possibilities and layouts. On top of your needs, think of what you want in your bathroom; a shower, a bath, both?

You will also want to think of the layout for these items and how they relate to each other, in order to create the different zones you want.

You should also think of details like where the towels are hanging, for when you get out of the shower!

Visualizing the final layout of your dream bathroom can be difficult. You can establish a layout plan for your bathroom online in a few easy steps or book an appointment with one of our experienced designers!

Bathroom design

This is probably the step you get the most excited about in your bathroom remodelling, isn’t it? Although you have lots of inspiration and ideas, the time has come to make some final decisions!

Do you prefer a modern, classic, Scandinavian or Zen style, like at the spa? A monochrome design, wood trims or a touch of color?

The style and color choices are endless! For even more inspiration, take a look at pictures of our completed bathroom renovation projects.

High end bathroom designed by Rochon
Project by Rochon

Choosing the right materials:


Showers are available in a wide variety of shapes and materials. No matter if you opt for a modular shower, a one-piece shower or one that is built on-site with ceramic tile walls, several different types of materials can be suited to your bathroom renovation.

Among the most popular choices, acrylic is high on the list thanks to its smooth and sleek surface, which creates a clean and simple look for your shower. Light and resistant, it is also durable and easy to clean. 

Fiberglass is another material that is light and easy to install. More affordable than acrylic, it can, however, be more fragile and will have to be cleaned more often.

Polymer and ABS are other affordable options that are also easy to install, rigid and resistant; tempered glass is also popular for its look and resistance, but a little less so given that it is much heavier.

When it comes to a ceramic tile shower, it creates an elegant style; but it does also require tile installation on the floor and walls. It is a resistant option that is easy to maintain. Consider custom-made integrated furniture for a more personalized project.


Before renovating your bathroom, you will have to think of what type of bathtub you want and the type of materials with which it is made.

A clawfoot tub will always remain a classic, and bring timeless charm to any bathroom. Deep and durable, this type of bathtub can also include an elongated backrest.

A more contemporary option, the freestanding tub, rests directly on the floor. Offered in a variety of styles and sizes, it still requires a big enough room.

A podium tub can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Moreover, it is the perfect option if you want an air jet bath. It is called a “podium” bathtub because it is integrated into an elevated platform, which is generally in the same material as your floor covering, also creating a more minimalist charm.  

For those who are looking to maximise space with a more affordable choice, an alcove tub is a type of bathtub that is encased in a three-wall enclosure, with only one visible side. It is often made of enameled steel, but can also be made from acrylic.

Finally, a tub & shower combo is the ultimate versatile choice for those who want to combine the comfort you get from a tub with the practical aspects of a shower, but without losing any extra space.  

When it comes to materials, acrylic is often the preferred material for bathtub design. It maintains heat, which is ideal when you need a long, hot bath after a hard day’s work.

Covered in a layer of porcelain, enamelled steel is also pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing to your wallet. However, heat will disperse more rapidly.

Fiberglass is another alternative that is both affordable and light.

Should your budget allow, a cast iron tub is a stunning choice that is also remarkably durable. Heavier, it remains solid and maintains heat, on top of being resistant to chipping. 


Ceramic and porcelain are both equally popular when it comes to toilet materials.

Ceramic, which is the most frequently used, offers solidity, resistance and easy maintenance.

Porcelain is actually a type of ceramic, which is considered more noble and high-end. This material will be perfect if you are looking for elegance and refinement, on top of good resistance to household cleaning products.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities have to be water resistant and easy to maintain. When it comes to cabinets, ROCHON recommends melamine or PVC, which are a better choice in terms of versatility and maintenance.

If you are looking for cabinet doors that blend seamlessly into your décor, our partner, Dörr Industries, cabinet door manufacturer in Quebec, will definitely have a model you have been dreaming of.

When it comes to countertops, you can opt for the natural elegance of quartz, or the versatility offered by a laminate, like in a stunning stone, concrete or wood imitation.

Speaking of versatility, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the best choice if you want to create a beautiful visual harmony in your bathroom remodeling design.


Although a single sink is the most frequent choice, opting for a double sink can be a smart choice, especially for a larger family. This type of sink will allow each person to have enough space to wash their hands or brush their teeth, for example.

An undermount sink will offer a more modern design. However, it is not suited to all types of countertops. If you have decided to opt for the elegance and resistance of a quartz countertop, this type of sink might blend in well. 

Another very chic and trendy option: the washbasin, which can be made from different materials and take on different shapes. It adapts to most countertops, although you should opt for a water-resistant material.

Finally, a wall-mounted sink will allow you to maximise space, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms, on top of being easy to maintain. You must, however, ensure that your walls are solid enough to hold its weight.

When it comes to materials, vitreous porcelain is popular for the good price-quality ratio it offers and the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain, just like glass. The latter, however, is more prone to visible streaks, which means you will have to clean it more often.

Stainless steel is another modern and versatile option, which can take on many shapes and sizes. However, with this material, you will have to be mindful of scratches.


The choice of finish for your faucets is definitely a question of style, but also material properties. Chrome and nickel, for example, are very resistant materials that pair well with any type of faucet.

With stainless steel –the most popular choice-, you will appreciate the antibacterial properties on top of being able to camouflage fingerprints by choosing a brushed finish. Brass is another durable choice, and also comes in a polished or brushed finish.

If you wish to combine durability with a more original look, you can also opt for bronze or copper, which will certainly provide your bathroom with a stunning look.


When renovating a bathroom, you want to ensure that the most important areas in the room have proper lighting, by choosing one lighting option for the whole room, and a second for the vanity area.

A ceiling light can add personality to your bathroom, while track lighting will allow you to direct the light exactly where you need it. Recessed lights are another option, combining minimalism and efficiency.

As for the vanity area, you can really get creative, with wall-mounted lights or suspended light fixtures. 

Floor Covering

Ceramic and porcelain are also fantastic options for your floor, given how resistant they are, especially to water and stains.

If you are looking for an affordable material, you can also turn to the versatility offered by vinyl, which can be laid directly onto an already existing floor.

For a higher-end bathroom design, natural stone and engineered wood are sure to please.

Ceramic and Heated Floors

When you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, do not underestimate the importance and comfort of a heated floor.

This heating system has become more and more popular in the province of Quebec. It will not only keep your feet warm, it will also allow you to maintain a constant temperature in your bathroom.

Thanks to its thermal conductivity, ceramic is the perfect option when installing a heated floor. It also guarantees a surface that is humidity resistant, easy to clean and durable.

This is the ideal combo for cool mornings and relaxing evenings in your new renovated bathroom.


Ventilation is a crucial aspect of any bathroom renovation, given that it will help maintain a healthy and comfortable space.

Proper ventilation eliminates excess humidity, bad smells and prevents mold from forming.

When renovating your bathroom, you might want to consider installing a good ventilation system, like an efficient extraction fan. Make sure that it is properly positioned so that it can evacuate humid air outside, preferably through a direct exit.

You can also opt for a fan model that has a humidity sensor, which will be automatically activated when your bathroom becomes too humid.

Proper ventilation not only improves air quality, it will also allow all bathroom materials to last longer, which means you will be able to enjoy your renovated space for years to come.

For any type of related work, our trusted partner, Gereco Construction, general contractor in Quebec, takes care of everything for you.

bathroom remodelled with lots of storage by Rochon
Project by Rochon

The most important: surround yourself with experts in whom you trust

For optimal results and in order to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances during and after your renovations, trust in a team of experts. After all, this is an important project that can end up being way more expensive than you first thought!

You can trust in Cuisines Rochon, your kitchen and bathroom expert. We have years of experience and we can provide you with realistic expectations.

From the first appointment with our designer, to signing the contract and all the way to the bathroom of your dreams, we provide you with everything you need and an end result that will meet with your expectations. Contact us today or design your own project plan online!